Shop Signs

In any retail an attractive and well thought out shop sign is vital in the success of the business. A good sign is what differentiates you from your key competitors and can be the number one way to attract passing trade. There are number of key elements that should feature in a good shop sign design.

The key element in sign design is simplicity. People travelling past your shop must be able to see and read your sign quickly and easily. Crowding the sign with too much information can make it too difficult to read clearly therefore rendering ineffective. Generally the fewer words the sign displays the better and so the ideal design will contain just the shop name and your logo. An exception to this rule can be when the shop name doesn't make it immediately clear what the shop sells. In this case it is worthwhile for the sign to incorporate further information.

Two further major considerations in any sign design are layout and colour. Try optimising on colours, such as black and white, this is a great way to make your sign stand out from the crowd. Keep the sign easy to read. The sign should also be set with sufficient space between each letter. It is recommended that as much as 40% of a sign should be made up of white / blank space.

Ideally your sign should reinforce the overall presentation of your shop interior. The most effective way to do this is through simple colour matching. If your shop interior is, for example green and white, then a sign consisting of similar colours is likely to be the wisest choice. The matching of colours is a great way to make you more identifiable and memorable.

Many shop owners overwhelmingly underestimate the value and selling power of their shop sign. Your sign is the first impression that you present to the public and can be the deciding factor in whether they choose to come in. A good sign from South London Signs can generate impulse buying while a poor sign can cost you a great amount in lost sales. We have sucessfully completed hundreds of signs in Sydney, and across the NSW and look forward to helping you with your enquiry.

Call us today for a free sign quotation today. Based in Belmore, our telephone number is 1300 40 70 30 and we have more tips and advice we will be happy to share.

PVC Outdoor Banners

A well designed and eye catching banner in the right position is a very powerful form of advertising. Vibrant colours and imagery can really make you stand out from the croud and leave your competitors standing.

A Printed outdoor banner is one of the most cost effective ways to promte your business or event. Newspapers, radio, and television are way out of most businesses reach. Even roadside billboards are very expensive but undoubtedly do give good results. If your outdoor banner is placed in a prime position it can draw just as much attention as a billboard at a fraction of the cost. Not only is your banner right where you need it its advertising for you non-stop 24 hours a day.

All our colour vinyl banners come supplied with brass eyelets spaced evenly around the edges. This enables you to quickly and easily fix your new PVC banner right where you need it.

Run a mobile business or event? Maybe you're a scaffolder, decorator or builder? All our banners come supplied with a quality PVC banner bag so when your banner is finished you can roll it up pack it away and keep it nice and clean for next time. All our banners are made from industrial grade PVC for outdoor banner use and can be washed clean with warm soapy water. 

Pavement Sign

A pavement sign outside your business is a must. A well designed pavement sign can be seen by hundreds or even thousands of people each day. Keep it clear and simple for maximum effect. We offer a wide range of pavement signs from chalk boards, poster holders to fully signwriten pavement signs.

A pavement sign is one of the most cost effective forms of advertising. A well looked after pavement sign will last for very many years, advertising right outside your business upto 24 hours a day. For the cost of a newspaper advert that lasts only a week or so, a good quality pavement sign has the potential to promote your business on a daily basis for several years

Flat cut and Built up Lettering

Flat cut lettering, often referred to as raised lettering or built up lettering is a great way to make your sign stand out. We will be delighted to help with your enquiry. Giving a sign a 3 dimensional appearance is a great way to make your sign stand out and an edge of quality.

Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl lettering is a very effective way of turning virtually anything into a sign. With our vinyl plotting machines and a vast selection of coloured vinyls in stock suitable for indoor and outdoor use we're here to help you. Our machines have the ability to cut vinyl lettering quickly and accuratly and we offer a supply only or supply and fit service. 

Vehicle / Vinyl Graphics

Vehicle Signage or livery can be THE most cost effective and cheapest form of advertising available. Seen by thousands of people on a daily basis. Vehicle graphics are a must for any business. For more information on signwriting your van, car or shop call us. You can find our telephone number on our contact us page.

Window graphics / Vinyl Graphics & Window Etch Films

marking glass with window films can create not only visually stunning and eye-catching visual, it can also speak volumes about your company and give off all the right signals. Using the latest advanced films and technology, let us bring your windows to life with the illusion of etched or frosted glass. No need to call in expensive glaziers and replace windows saving you time and money. We stock a wide variety of colours and films. 

Sign Removal

We offer a sign removal service across Sydney and NSW. We carefully remove large or small signs and if required dispose of them. We aim to recycle all parts of the signage after removal to minimise environmental impact. If you require a professional sign company to remove your old signs look no further than South London Signs. We offer a complete sign removal service in London and across the UK. We cater for large and small companies offering a full or partial sign removal service. 

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