Digital & Offset Printing 
Business cards, Post Cards, Flyers, Brochures, Docket Books, catalogues, letterhead, Booklet magazine,...

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Things to look for before summiting your files


• Raster images should be no less than 300dpi.
• All images must be embedded in the PDF files and OPI must be inactive.
• Bitmaps should be 1200dpi.
• If documents are to be printed in CMYK all colours which includes RGB & Pantone must be converted to CMKY before making PDF Files
• Files supplied as RGB may not be detected and will print discoloured and dull. we will not take any responsibility for any unexpected result.

Colour Matching

Colour matching is not offered as part of our service. Client can only provide us a guide from previous printed jobs prior to press run. We do not accept laser printed proofs.
The majority of our orders are ganged together, therefore job to job, stock to stock, even weather conditions and using the standard ink density settings can affect the way we print. Colour variation is one of our most common factors in printing.

Document Size & Bleeds

• 2 mm external bleed - anything that touches a trim edge must be extended 2 mm past it.
• 3 mm internal bleed or type area - we recommend you keep all important information at least  3mm in from the trim marks.
• All Supplied Documents must be built to trim.

Watermarks & Ink coverage

• Watermarks or images should be set not less than 7% total ink coverage
• Total Ink Limit for our press is 300% anything beyond that will take longer for the ink to dry and may effect the turnaround time of your job.

Line Weights

• Minimum line thickness: 0.25pt. Anything less even hairline will not hold on the press.

Borders & Trimming

• For jobs with inner borders please allow at least 5 mm from trim edge as the guillotining has a tolerance of  -/+1mm which may give you unpleasant results.
• Please do not use borders as purpose of trim marks(crop mark).


• All fonts must be embedded or outlined.
• For CMYK Colours fonts, the type must be no less than 8pt.

Rich Blacks

• All Blacks except for types must be converted to Rich Blacks. These are the values that should be inputted C=70% M=60% Y=40% K=100%.


• Die-cut lines must be provided in the exact positions as a separate document.

Transparency & Overprints

• If a transparency or overprint are to be used in the document it must be flatten and preserved within the documents.

File Format:

• PDF is the only Preferred File Format.
• Multiples files should be supplied as a single PDF file only.

Business cards, Post Cards, Flyers, Brochures, Docket Books, Catalog, letterhead,fridge magnet